Sur Sun Yu, grand cinéaste chinois des années trente et quarante (moins d'un an après son arrivée au pouvoir, Mao en fit une de ses têtes de turcs dans une série d'articles du Quotidien du peuple), voir ICI et suivre les liens proposés.

Sun Yu (1900-1990)

[extrait] Tianming (Daybreak), Sun Yu’s second film of 1932, depicts an oppression from which there is no escape for the heroine (Li Lili). Set in the 1920s, the film shows its protagonist leaving for Shanghai to find work in a factory after her village is destroyed in a civil war. A nostalgic flashback recalling her happy rural past in the beautiful countryside contrasts with the grime of her life in the city. Sun Yu’s use of the moving camera conveys the crowded living conditions in the city, while he employs dissolves and superimpositions to juxtapose Shanghai’s glitter with its pathetic streetwalkers. The heroine is herself forced into a life of prostitution when her boss’s son rapes her. The film concludes with her execution by a firing squad for helping her cousin, a revolutionary, escape.

Les cinq dernières minutes du film
(avec Li Lili et Gao Zhanfei)

ICI, un topo sur Li Lili, qui fut "l'actrice fétiche" de Sun Yu