The main problem for us is the plainclothes police, Bassijis, and secret service that are stationed all over the place; on each street corner, as well as around the major squares of the city.

Something is happening, slowly but surely, and the force of the people will only grow each day.  Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Zahedan are , and probably more cities in the coming days and weeks.

What we want may take a long time, but it is happening.  The walls are covered with Death to Dictatorship, and it will come to an end.

Latest news :

-- Helicopter police have opened fire on a crowd in Haft Tir Square (in central Tehran).  We heard that this was with plastic coated bullets, but this is to be confirmed.

-- Tehran University is under severe attack; this is the first time that the army has actually entered the university grounds in 44 years.

-- The above mentioned, Ayatollah Sanei has come to Tehran from Qom and is maintaining a sit in in Khomeini's home, asking others of the Ulema to join him.  This is extremely important; a remnant action from the Constitutional Revolution of 1906.