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Projection unique de Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory

Vendredi 21 août, 17h30
Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Bd, Hollywood, Ca 90028

Avec Barbara Lass,
Carl Schell (le frère caché de Maximilien et Maria Schell),
et Luciano Pigozzi, dit "Le Peter Lorre italien"

« Si je me souviens bien, le film s'intitulait en France Le Monstre aux filles. Il n'est pas très très bon, mais je l'aime bien », affirme le sourcilleux chroniqueur cinoche-mirettes de Siné-Hebdo.

Despite the ridiculous title, this hybrid Italian/German co-production yields a surprisingly high quotient of chills.
Directed by Paolo Heusch and scripted by later giallo maestro Ernesto Gastaldi (aka Julian Berry), the film has an astounding number of red herrings (typical of later giallo pix) contending as the marauding werewolf rampaging through the lonely woods outside a teen girls’ reformatory. But everyone zeroes in on handsome new teacher Carl Schell (lesser-known brother to Maximilian and Maria), who seems to have a dark secret in his past.
Co-starring the Italian Peter Lorre, Luciano Pigozzi (aka Alan Collins). Barbara Lass is the comely girl lead, heading up a supporting cast of nubile Euro starlets.
Listen for the absurd theme song "Ghoul in School" during the title credits