« In your first picture, you're so terrified you're going to do the wrong thing that you just play everything straight. So it's nothing I'm proud of. Now, I was happy to be in it, especially because of Kevin [McCarthy] and because of Don [Siegel], and it was a fun thing to do. But I'd just as soon forget it. »


«It was just supposed to be a plain, thrilling kind of picture. That was what Allied Artists thought they were making. By the way, we realized - Walter [Wanger] and Kevin [McCarthy] and people who can think about things - that we were making an anti-"ism" picture. Anti-"ism" - fascism, Communism, all that kind of thing. We took it for granted that's what we were making, but it wasn't spoken about openly on the set or anything like that. They were delicate times, and I think that if Allied Artists had had the slightest idea that there was anything deeper to this film, that would have quickly been stopped!» [Dana Wynter, extraits d'un entretien avec Tom Weaver, in I was a monster movie maker: conversations with 22 SF and horror filmmakers