09 septembre 2023

Charles Gayle 1939-2023

Charles Gayle est mort avant-hier, à l'âge de 84 ans.   "Charles was a legend, in a way," William Parker told JazzTimes in 2019, reflecting upon Touchin' on Trane, his 1993 album with Gayle and drummer Rashied Ali. "Musically he has this energy — an electric, acoustic, organic energy coming out of his horn. And everybody who heard it said you could hear all the history of the saxophone in there: Sonny Rollins, Albert Ayler, Coltrane. But it was Charles." Gayle was a man of faith, sometimes confrontationally so. He'd give... [Lire la suite]
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02 février 2010

BDN suite, Sunny Murray à Bruxelles, etc.

En réaction au billet précédent (« Black Dada Nihilismus »), Ph!l a déposé un long commentaire bourré de poésie, de soufre et d'informations cruciales. Afin que personne ne l'ignore, j'en fais illico presto un billet en soi. Merci Philippe ! ~ A. Baraka > S. Murray « (...) we want "poems that kill."Assassin poems, Poems that shootguns. Poems that wrestle cops into alleysand take their weapons leaving them deadwith tongues pulled out and sent to Ireland. Knockoff poems for dope selling wops or slick halfwhite politicians Airplane... [Lire la suite]
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