16 octobre 2012

« My Man », Billie Holiday, Jimmy Rowles

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06 janvier 2009

Billie Holiday : My Man

My Man (Pollock/Yvain/Willemetz/Charles) It cost me a lotBut there's one thing that I've gotIt's my manIt's my manCold or wetTired, you betAll of this I'll soon forgetWith my manHe's not much on looksHe's no hero out of booksBut I love himYes, I love himTwo or three girlsHas heThat he likes as well as meBut I love himI don't know why I shouldHe isn't trueHe beats me, tooWhat can I do? Oh, my man, I love him soHe'll never knowAll my life is just a spareBut I don't careWhen he takes me in his armsThe world is brightAll... [Lire la suite]
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