15 janvier 2018

nos films préférés en 2017 : Gashade

Last Of The Comanches (Le Sabre et la Flèche), André De Toth, USA 1953 (Broderick Crawford, Lloyd Bridges) * Reflections in A Golden Eye (Reflets dans un oeil d'or), John Huston, USA 1967 (Robert Forster) * "Big Little Lies" [saison 1], David E. Kelley, USA 2017 (réal. Jean-Marc Vallée) * Terrore Nello Spazio (La Planète des vampires), Mario Bava, Italie 1965 (Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell) * Angèle Et Tony, Alix Delaporte, France 2010 * "The Knick", Steven Soderbergh, USA 2014 (Clive Owen)

17 juillet 2014

Hotties Reading 350 [Billie Holiday]

Billie Holiday est morte à New York le 17 juillet 1959, à l'âge de 44 ans. ~ Billie Holiday Dies Here at 44 ; Jazz Singer Had Wide Influence (The New York Times, 18/7/1959)   Billie Holiday, famed jazz singer, died yesterday in Metropolitan Hospital. Her age was 44. The immediate cause of death was given as congestion of the lungs complicated by heart failure. Miss Holiday had lived at 26 West Eighty-seventh Street. She had been under arrest in her hospital bed since June 12 for illegal possession of narcotics. ... [Lire la suite]