15 juillet 2009

Crapauds à deux et trois doigts

Devoirs de vacances (apprendre l'anglais en observant les batraciens) à Lola, de la rue Rouppe crapaud de Kihansi (Tanzanie) ~ A he-toad loved a she-toadThat lived high in a tree.She was a two-toed tree toadBut a three-toed toad was he. The three-toed tree toad tried to winThe she-toad's nuptial nod,For the three-toed tree toad loved the roadThe two-toed tree toad trod. Hard as the three-toed tree toad tried,He could not reach her limb.From her tree-toad bower, with her V-toe powerThe she-toad vetoed him. ... [Lire la suite]
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