« There was also a little movie called Smiles. I don't know if you know the name John Avildsen. He directed Rocky. Now, John Avildsen was in New York and knew of Jimmy's music before he ever got started big time. He borrowed money from his folks and anybody he could get money from and paid Jimmy a small amount once again to play the clarinet. The picture Smiles just showed how a friendly smiling person can be infectious and can go from one person to another. Jimmy played clarinet throughout the whole thing and it was done once again very beautifully, very sparsely. Jimmy always believed you should not have to be aware of the music, that it just should draw you into whatever the movie's about. So, when he [Avildsen] went out west and made it big, we never heard from him again. That was the end of our fling with John Avildsen. » [Juanita Giuffre, parlant de son mari à Rex Butters (avril 2003). La totalité de l'article sur Jimmy Giuffre est disponible sur jazzhouse.org ]

Smiles, 1964, réal John G. Avildsen, avec Roy Scheider. Musique Jimmy Giuffre (clarinet), Barre Phillips (contrebasse). On remarque au générique la présence de Marty «Scorcese», assistant réalisateur. Je remercie Raminagrobis qui m'a passé le tuyau (j'ignorais totalement l'existence de ce film, d'ailleurs absent de la base de données d'Imdb.) Merci également à Catlover sans qui nous n'aurions pas trouvé le numéro récent de Musica Jazz (Rome) où figure un article bien documenté de Daniel Soutif sur Smiles et Jimmy Giuffre, «Quindici minuti nella metro newyorkese».