Bruxelles : le jury de l'Age d'Or [pas seulement un prix, désormais un vrai festival] a tranché.

Birgit Hein, Guy-Marc Hinant et Stoffel Debuysere ont remis le prix 2014 à
E Agora ? Lembra-me de Joaquim Pinto.

AP PINTO chiens 600

The jury has decided to give the prize de l’Âge d’Or 2014 to a film that manages to give a fresh spin to the old saying that the personal is political. Here the private intertwines with the political in the film’s refusal to give in to the ubiquitous sense of fatalism that pervades our current emotional landscape. It is political in its courageous search for a sensible form that both centers on the intimate and opens up towards the outside. It is political in its proposition of a sensibility that displaces the contemporary experiences of disappointment and resignation, and offers a way of being in the present, which perhaps requires to live to the fullest all that is left unlived.

[Rebaptisé sobrement Et maintenant ?, le film génial et beau de Pinto sortira le 19 novembre sur les écrans de France, qu'on espère nombreux. Pour le voir distribué dans votre village, réclamez ICI.]


Listening to the space in my room de Robert Beavers a reçu,
du même jury, une mention spéciale.

listening to the spce

The jury has decided to give a special mention to a film that reminds us that poetics and craftsmanship are not two words that are opposed to one another. It reminds us that cinema unleashes its greatest power and beauty when it threatens the boundaries of sense, when it offers us an adventure in seeing, hearing and thinking. It is a film that proposes  an intimate sense of place and space, in a musical and sensual play with variations of distance and proximity, emergence and restraint, muteness and articulation, displaying a rigorous attention to frame and phrasing, to the splendor of light and color and the intensities of movement and rhythm.


Quant à nos trois camarades programmateurs (hardis navigateurs) qui ont redonné cet automne jeunesse, vigueur et imagination au vieil Age d'Or -- les initiales de leurs prénoms nous interdisent de les appeler autrement désormais que Groupe Pox*** --, ils sont comme la peste, justement. Ils reviendront. La Cinémathèque royale ne peut plus se passer d'eux. Rendez-vous est pris en octobre 2015, donc.