On apprend en effet la disparition du crâne de Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, dans le caveau familial au cimetière de Stahnsdorf, près de Berlin, où le cinéaste gît depuis sa mort en 1931. Les motivations des skullsnatchers sont obscures, et leur modus operandi encore inconnu. La police allemande a diligenté une enquête.



This breaking news could be straight out of a horror movie.
The head of legendary director F. W. Murnau
was stolen from his grave in Berlin. He died in 1931.

The movie Nosferatu has been released in 1922 and is still one of the scariest movies ever made. Now the classic movie is in the news today because of a real world scary story. Unknown people have broken into the grave of Nosferatu director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in Berlin. The stole the head of the embalmed body of Murnau. He has been buried in 1931 in the family burial vault at graveyard in Stahnsdorf near Berlin.

According to German Bild, police does not know yet how the grave robbers got into the tomb. It is also completely unclear why the skull has been stolen. This could be related to a ritual or cult as investigators found wax on the floor. It could also just be a tasteless prank. F.W. Murnau has been buried in a metal coffin. In the tomb are also his two brothers buried. All three coffins have been reportedly open. Let's just hope there will not be a Youtube video about this violation of graves.

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